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Having some real issues with my gearbox today.

1st to 2nd (and downshifting). 5th to 6th. It either won't go in or it crunches as it goes in. Also when I'm trying to select 1st from neutral it keeps crunching (kinda bounce off each other). Not all the time but getting worse for sure.

It's been getting worse and worse since the bike was new. I've just gone over 1000miles. It was better straight after the first service when I asked the dealership to look at it but only for 100 miles or so. They said they found no problem. I'm thinking about taking it back again.

Has anyone else out there had similar issues? The advice I've had from here has been amazing and I'm hoping someone can help on this problem and point me in the right direction.

On the plus side. This bike is so much fun. A total weapon since the first service. I love it so much. :) If I could have more confidence in the gearbox it would be perfect..
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