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I guess I need to chime in here. While I appreciate Chuck and Cindy’s effort, I really did not have a very good time on my five day getaway to the mountains of Tennessee. I really didn’t enjoy the company of anyone that was in attendance and the food that was prepared and brought to the Crow’s Nest kitchen gave me too many choices and filled the refrigerator up with too many leftovers. The beer and moonshine was too cold and the creek that we drank in was too warm. I grew bored of looking at exotic Italian motorcycles quite quickly, And I feel like my time could’ve been better spent picking up trash on the freeway. I suppose I might be bothered to come again next year but I’m not really sure as I might have to wash my hair.
Tepid regards and mediocre thanks to all,

You must of been down current:piss:
561 - 561 of 561 Posts