Edit - Bike is sold to someone who is going to restore it! I have a couple small things here and there in my garage. As I find them and verify condition, I will populate post #3 with those items! Thanks!

My beloved 2005 Brutale 750 was stolen a couple months ago and was recovered the next day after a small chase; the bike was crashed on it’s left side around 30mph. My insurance company deemed it a total loss mostly due to the engine casing being scratched and the headlight glass being broken. Realistically, it could be easily fixed, but it would just simply not be feasible.
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So I bought the bike back and figured it would be a good chance to recover some money and fund the next thing.
This is a full part out as of right now; I’m willing to ship things at the buyers expense, and local pick up is obviously an option in Bakersfield, CA.

Unless I can get a good offer on them, I will be keeping the engine, ECU, and gauge cluster to potentially put on something in the future.

Due to the nature of part outs, I will not be listing specific things out, but this was a fully running and functional bike. As things get sold or are pending a sale, I will populate a post with those items.

The only thing that is now broken due to the theft is the ignition cylinder was drilled out, the front headlight glass was broken, the radiator left side tank was cracked, and the transmission/brake foot levers were broken.

I am fine with these digital payment forms; PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, and Zelle. I can provide pictures and/or descriptions of anything requested and, if shipped, I can provide tracking numbers as well as receipts of shipment.

Hopefully this can get some more Brutale’s on the road looking or running better than before!

See my next post on this for some walk-around photos that were taken on 12/24/22