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I changed my fuel filter and main O Ring today and may not have put the overflow hoses exactly as shown on the parts list (see pics).

The parts list drawing shows the overflow pipes crossed over in the tank. I think I may have straightened them up, but I'm not sure. Looking at the pump afterwards, both overflows connect into the same hose via a 3 way connector. So I don't see any problem with the hoses in the tank being straight or crossed over, apart from being tighter if they're crossed and not moving around in the tank as much? Just need confirmation from the F4 312 community that the hoses are good either way they're connected to the pump baseplate.

Also, I found a pic on the net showing another O Ring on the baseplate. The 2nd O Ring is not shown on the parts list. Anyone know why this guy would fit a 2nd O Ring??

p.s. the fuel filter in the tank was from 2007! So most likely never changed!!


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As you are not in the US, the hose configuration does not matter. In the US there is an evaporative emissions control system and that would make hose position important.
As for the O-ring situation, the B4 Brutales have two. The F4 only has one.
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