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Here's a cool way to use a Pit-Bull REAR stand as a front-end lift...

Call Pit-Bull and order a custom-sized interchangeable pin. For the Marzocchi forks, the pin diameter needs to be approximately 1.230". They're making one for me now.

First of all, it's a good to use your factory stand (or another stand of your choice) to raise the rear and more importantly, hold the rear steady while you use the Pit Bull to raise the front. Second, line everything up and have some tie downs attached to your rafters and place some soft ties on the frame. Once the front is in the air, attach the tie-downs to the soft-straps, and tighten them up then remove the stand. On my Brutale I didn't even need to remove the tank, just the two little aluminum trim panels on the side.

Hanging the bike from the frame not only provides plenty of room around the front of the bike while changing change tires and brake pads but with the bike hung from the frame you can also remove and service the forks - something you can't do with most front-end stands even if their cost is many times that of an extra pin.
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