Greetings friends

We are selling off our freshly rebuilt, backup engine.
Had wanted to build it out as a superstock motor but didn't get a ton of traction on that offering so now, we are selling it as a street motor. You do get the ART coated pistons and the Bruce Meyers prepped head. The adjustable cam gears we had originally wanted to install will be available as a separate item.
Social Media folks can follow the link below to see the photos and the provenance on the build which we just completed yesterday. No guarantees on these engines for obvious reasons but it was built correctly using all factory replacement parts and gaskets. We are set to do some compression testing over the next day or two and when we get that done, I will post the numbers here.

Will also be posting a bunch of leftover factory parts and aftermarket parts for anyone needing them. We have head gaskets, other associated service and maintenance parts as well as a load of aftermarket and original parts to sell off. Send me a private message on anything you might be looking for and I will take a look. We do not have any bodywork whatsoever.

Price does not include shipping. Engine will be properly blocked off and crated
You may email me directly to learn more about the engine.
[email protected]