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SOLD 11/4/06: New Mini-Tankbag for MV Agusta F4 or Brutale

SOLD 11/4/06 : New Mini-Tankbag for MV Agusta F4 or Brutale

My company (Pirates Lair) orders mini-tankbags for BMW’s from Germany every few weeks.Great little bags for carrying the essentials.. wallet, camera, phone, Walther PPK, etc... It doesn't hold much but as we all know.. any storage on an MV is better than none.

Install is a piece of cake.. Just replace two gas cap bolrs with the furnished ppics and the bag snaps onto those.. Also.. the bag has magnets sewn in to the bottom. To remove.. open the top, pull the two pin release buttons and the bag lifts off... Chimp easy.

I ordered this custom MV Tankbag for my F4 about 6 months ago and never used it. Rather than let it sit around and collect dust, thought I’d offer it here first before I put it on eBay. It’s still in the bag.. never used.

You can see pics and details on our BMW page at

Will take $48... Call 828.628.7093 EST or email me with questions and/or nekid pictures. Paypal is fine.. :baddeal:

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