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MV Agusta F4 Factory Wheels: SOLD 1/30/07

SOLD 1/30/07

I just retired my 03 F4 from track day use and bought a Jap bike.. something worthy of trashing.. Have done perhaps 5-7 track day weekends over the last 2 years and at one point I bought and extra set of wheels. Obviously.. I no longer need them.

The wheels have some scratches but not so horrible that you’d be ashamed to have them on your street ride. Typical wear and tear scratches from about 6-8 changes from a guy with chimp-like skills. :ahhh:

These should fit almost all F4 750's .. Not sure about the 1000's . I’m not sure about front end changes to the liter bikes. FYI.. I am NOT selling rotors with the front wheel.. Just the wheels themselves. They are not bent or damaged in any way nor have they ever seen a crash or drop..

Will take $700 for the pair and ship anywhere inside the US...If I have NOT sold them here in a week.. I’ll put them on ebay.
Paypal or personal check or some sexual favors only.. No plastic. Call 828.628.7093 EST or email me with questions .

BTW.. The pic below is what they look like.. NOT my wheels.. but i'd be so glad to go down into my freezing, ass-bitin' cold shop and take some actual pics should somebody be so cruel as to ask..

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