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Hello Pierre, welcome to the forum. :)

I must say that is quite an introduction you made by presenting for sale a Monoalbero!

That's one of the bikes that I would love to have to help round out my collection but alas the price of these things is now getting to around the price a classic four which throws it out of my league.

Some history of the bike and perhaps a few more photos may help garner some interest amongst members here. Good luck with the sale.


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hello rob

I never see the alluminium seat as is special mv as works bike and the worksoiltank very special as twice bigger than original too

the bike was racing, we still have a lot of spare parts:

1 cylinder
1 extra oil tank (original)
1 front break (original)
1 piston
and further spare parts which you can see on the pictures.

Frame number 150085
Engine number 150059
Carburator: Dell Orto ss27a

The MV comes from switzerland racerman directly years ago

the bike runing well also we have all process for factory mv as to prepare the mv before race in french

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