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I have got some extra Agip oil and brake fluid that is just sitting in my garage.

Sorry, No out of USA shipments please.

I know everyone doesn't use the recommended oil but this is the oil used to develop and test our bikes. To each his own, but this was my choice.

Agip Racing 4T 10w-60
It ships 20x1 liters to a case aprox 27 lbs. So shipping is quite expensive.
My price is $12.00 a liter shipped in USA. I have (10) left.

I also have (8) Agip Dot 4 Brake Fluids they ship 12x12 ounces.
My price is $3.00 shipped in USA.

Just and FYI, I am making ZERO on these transactions. My purchase price plus tax, and Shipping & Handling is all I am charging. But hey, its going into my friends bikes! :)

I'll accept check, money orders, etc...
Just let me know if your interested and if not thanks for looking.
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