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The must have tools.....
>a TAPERED 55mm socket with the 1/2" drive going all the way through (there's a reason)
mine's a SpeedyMoto
>C-spanner to fit the rear hub, one came in the tool kit (Ducati uses the same 117mm one) eBay
>Clic-R pliers eBay
>a cup filter wrench to fit a blue Purolator PL 14612 filter, Hopkins 10605 Flotool Super Graphite Filter
Wrench #5 off Amazon free shipping
>A real rear stand or side lift one, research them, the stock one is useless

1st picture
>oil filter and cup wrench
>Clic-R pliers
>SpeedyMoto 55mm tapered socket

2nd picture
>3/8" ratchet for oil filter cup wrench
>10" 1/2"drive extension for torquing wheel nut
>3/8" torque wrench with 3" extension and 10mm Allen socket for torquing pinch bolts
>1/2" torque wrench for torquing wheel and sprocket nuts

3rd picture
>1/4" ratchet wrench with 6" extension
>2-6mm Allen sockets
>8-10-12mm flex sockets
>8-10-12mm 6 point deep sockets
>#2 Phillips screwdriver

4th picture
>Amprobe for checking current draw and voltage
>digital multimeter mine is a Fluke 87 Mk lll
>battery load testor this is a SnapOn YA-271

For every tool and supply,


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