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Here in Brtiain, each vehicle has to be registered individually to a 'keeper' or company in the case of a leased or hired vehicle. Regarding insurance, many companies offer multi-vehicle policies so one policy can cover, for example, your car(s) and your motorcycle(s). My own car insurance policy covers myself and my wife for driving the car and third party risks for others driving the car with my permission. Providing they have the correct licence to do so of course. I have a seperate policy for the MV.

The third issue here is road tax, which all vehicles under 25 years old (I think) must have, to be allowed on the public highway. Many motorcycle (and car) owners who don't ride/drive their machines through winter, myself included, have the option to declare the vehicle as SORN (statutory off road notice.) When the road tax is to be renewed, you can declare the vehicle as SORN without charge and then tax the vehicle as you require in the springtime. Obviously if your vehicle is declared SORN and you are caught on the road with it by the traffic police you will receive a fine and have to pay the back tax since it was last paid.

Fourth and last, all vehicles over 3 years old must (in addition to the above) have a Ministry of Transport certificate of roadworthiness (MOTC). You must have your vehicle checked at a registered garage for safety items such as brakes, lights, tyres etc. to ensure it's in a reasonable condition to be driven on the highway.
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