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It all began with Saturday night dinner, to catch up with new and familiar faces, especially the new faces and to put their forum names to faces. The restaurant was an Italian pizza pasta place, the setting was simple but the food was fantastic. Huge serves! JSM was a great host with his MV poster for all to see and the wine he brought along was fantastic. The seat prize was a great surprise to all and the prize itself great. It was a fun evening, enjoyed by all, with the talk mostly about bikes and tomorrow’s event – the track day. It turned out to be a late night considering we had to have an early start, so it just goes to show how much we were enjoying it.

Being my first track day, I didn’t get much sleep. All hyped up and ready to go. Therefore, the morning came, got myself ready, checked the bike, tried to eat breakfast and waited for MVF4RS. MVF4RS arrived with his trailer and loaded up the bike; got some fuel and we were on our way to Calder. It was a very nice sight to see two MVs on the trailer ready for a track day.

We got to Calder but were unlucky in getting a shed/garage, as there was already a crowd there. But we parked to one side and started to unload the bikes and get ready for registration and scrutineering. By this time, we had met up with JSM and CHRISF4.

Being the first time that bikes had used this track, we all met with the officials to have the rules explained and what to look out for. The riders were broken up into 3 groups, fast, medium and slow, with each group having a block of 15 minutes riding time, 4 blocks in the morning, 4 in the afternoon, so a half an hour between each block.

I was in the slow group with CHRISF4, which meant a wait while Dave, MVF4SR and JSM were in the fast group, and went on first. There was no trouble with the fast group doing there laps, around the circuit but the middle group had their first crash Then our time arrived and we got the call up to go onto the track. For the first two laps we were to follow the organisers on their bikes so they could show us the track and to explain that there was to be overtaking only no passing on the inside. And before I knew it, we were on our own! It was a strange experience at first not to have mirrors going around the circuit and before I knew it, the 15 minutes was up and it was back to the pits and waiting again. I didn’t get much of a feel for the circuit first time, as it went so fast and because I was going slow, but by the second, third and fourth blocks I was starting to get the feel of the corners, but still not going really fast.

At lunch, met up with the MV group and discussed everyone’s experience on the track and that’s when Mr Tamborini arrived on his bike – which got lots of attention.

Back on the track and even though the lunch break had been short; it took until the second block to get back into the rhythm of riding. Even though I was the slowest person on the track, I didn’t care as I was enjoying the feel of riding on the track and the thrill of the experience. By the end of this block we decided to call it a day as it was getting tiring and once the doubt is there about going back on, it’s time to stop. As it happened with the middle group riders (another crash)

I really had a great time and will definitely be doing it again. Would also like to do some training to get more out of it and improve my technique.

Finally, thanks to all the MV people that were there on the day, a big thanks to MVF4SR for all his help in getting the bike ready and taking it on the trailer. Thank you. :)
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