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Yesterday I finally had a decent length ride out on my new (to me) 06 F4. Before I went out I stripped and cleaned the brakes and with 12 moving pistons rather than 9, plus new fluid, they are a bit better; some aggressive pads (MRRs probably) should get them to match the radials on my old aprilia. I had also removed the fairings to start the clean up operation, change the oil, check the rad and switch the clip-on pins to raise the bars a few mm. I also removed the clutch switch to allow the clutch lever to be angled down a bit further.

A few observations on the ride, any comments gratefully received.

  • The throttle response seems a bit better using Shell Optimax, with a less cavernous hesitation between rolling off and on.
  • Engine temp is all over the place. Initially it couldn't get beyond 61 degrees, then shot up to 83 in a village but dropped to 70 on the open road (seems very variable compared to other bikes, almost like there is no thermostat).
  • Handling appears pretty good, hard to tell on the lethal slippy salt encrusting most of the route but when it slid (front and back at way below being a hero speeds) there was plenty of warning.
  • It sits fairly low at the back for a bike that is supposed to have a tall seat. Anybody know the standard rear ride height if you don't have the marvelous metal bracket used in the MV manual to measure to?
  • The indicators have stopped working - solid light on the dash and nothing on the indicators themselves when I use the switch. I expect I haven't put them back correctly when I re-fitted the front cowling - is there an obvious mistake to be made with this?
  • The left fork seal was weeping when I got back, is this a normal issue (like the Ohlins road & track forks)? The bike has been previously used in all weathers then laid up over winter so it's not completely unexpected.
  • There appeared to be a "cough" in the power deliver at full gas in second at about 10-11k, is this normal? It could have been a bit of wheel spin given the conditions but it happened twice.

That's probably enough daft questions now. Anyway it looks like me and my new bike are going to be friends and I probably won't miss the RSV too badly after all.

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I am sure we will have more advice forthcoming.
Be sure the cooling system is thoroughly flushed out and good quality coolant used.
The suspension most likely needs adjusted for your riding style and weight, after I adjusted mine it felt like a new bike!
Turn signals...well, the contacts at the mirror mounts most likely and the relays tend to get loose connections.
The "flat spot" in power band has a few different fixes, remap ecu, fuel system service, ever?
(if you pull the tank and airbox get rid of the "well nuts"!)

Use the forum search function for a shitload of info too.

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