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Got the bike last week. Put on 100 miles after getting the seat shaved/re-covered ($40) this weekend in LA. Some thoughts compared to my last 2 rides (SV/SVS)...

* ZOMG, the bike's too fast. someone tell me where to get a 40T sprocket ASAP?

* adjusted brake lever bracket, can see out of my right mirrors w/o raising/lowering my arm! (but like everyone else, up to only 70mph)

* whoever said Milwaukee Vibrator is hilariously spot on. picking up Progrips tonite, will re-install old Throttle Lock ASAP.

* sanded/shaved seat really helps, I can't imagine how any of you taller people (only 5'6, inseam 29 here) fit onto this rig. Am super comfortable torso up.

* engine stalled 2x, not of my doing and not the kickstand switch. will rewire ground & 12v+ wires with thicker gauge wires to start.

love this thing.
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