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Well, at least the black and oro made it!
I am told another week from today will hopefully give me my white one I placed an order on :)

I cant be anymore happy with my choice in this bike, as far as comfort with seat height and weight goes of course. The bike was already sold, no test riding ;]

I am 5'9 and around 112 lbs, my feet were nice and flat to the floor, no tip toe's whatsoever :]

The black is beautiful, and the oro is strictly attention to detail

I'm so excited and cannot wait to have mine, its been sucha long time, but honestly, worth the wait :mouthwate

My phone has been through hell and back so the picture quality is crap!! I took a video as well, but I'm sure you guys have seen the black in many posts from other users =]

Before I forget, this black one had the fuse box wires showing just like another user noticed on their bike! Quite tacky for a $15k bike, jus sayin.
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