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Photos of MVs at this years Festival can be found in two albums titled 'FoIM 06 classic MV Agustas' and 'FoIM 06 F4 & Brutale'.

Endevours have been made to take 'interesting' photos of the bikes primarily as after a while it is almost impossible to take a different static photo of a motorbike.

If interested in photos from previous years Festivals covering all marques (except perhaps Guzzi - they just don't inspire) can be found in 'gatherings' section of

the Festival of Italian Motorcycles

The Festival of Italian Motorcycles for 2006 has just been and gone.* This years numbers were down on previous years probably due to the weather forecast for rain periods with possible thunderstorms. Not really indusive to riding.**But, as in past years the rain held off to leave an overcast day with brief spells of sunshine.

Even with the poor weather*forecast*the numbers of MV Agustas in attendance was up on previous years both for the new MVs, F4 and Brutales, and the older models.* There were even a few bikes on display that had not been before.* There is*definitely*a resurgence in older model Italian bikes with some of these bikes becoming 'regular riders'.* This resurgence is probably most evident with the bevel drive Ducatis which have their own ride, the bevelution, organised by the Ducati Owners Club of Victoria. This ride is scheduled for next Sunday and it should be pointed out is open to all DOCV members and all bevel Ducatis irrespective of DOCV membership.

I digress.* MV Agustas.* This year there were two 750 S Americas, one fully restored the other being #002, the first production America (#001 was pre production) which was also once owned by Albert Bold.* There were also three original 125 GTLs MVs from 1969-1972.* Each of these bikes had done less than 1000 kms with one bike having the original battery.**

The bikes had 'perished' but original battery straps and I will*endeavour*to get replicas made to replace them. Any one interested please contact me off list indicating quantity and contact details.* Cost will depend on quantity. The* replicas*will be as genuine as if they came with the bike.

The other new MVs were an original 125 GT (circa 1970) and an almost original 150 GT (circa 1970) with the GT having a manky seat.

other bikes on display:
1955 125 GT
a few 1970 125 GTLs*
1975 350 Ipotesi
1975 125 Sport
mini bike
1966 50cc Liberty

There were also some F4s, both 750 and 1000 including a 1000 SPR (apparently the only one made) and a 750 Brutale.



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Thanks for the wonderful photos. I certainly enjoy the focus on many classic MV Agusta motorcycles. We need more of the classics discussed on this board in my opinion!

Appreciate the album organization!!

This F4 looks familiar :stickpoke

Very nice shots!
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