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March 7-11, 2007 will be the Ferrari Challenge on the Homestead Speedway. Last year well over a hundred Ferraris Showed up. The Race garages are open, and you can come in humping distance of your Favorite Ferraris. Ferrari owners bring your cars, (other supercar owners bring yours to raise hell with the crowd). Last year there were 5 FXX racing against eachother on the track, and a couple of the F1 cars (old and new). Like stated before, There will be many 360, and 430 challenges Racing head to head. You are welcome to walk through all the garages as last minute tune-ups, and tweaks are done, or at any time. I suppose that some Motorcycles will also be present, so... Why not? :f4:

Ok, this is from the official site:

F430 Challenge
With the F430 Challenge Ferrari specifically designed the car to meet the expectations of its sportier clients. The F430 Challenge retains the same general look and the 490 bhp engine as the road-going version. However, it also incorporates a large number of significant track-oriented modifications and a host of new features not previously seen in Challenge cars.

360 Challenge
The 2000 season saw the debut of the 400 bhp, V8-engined 360 Challenge alongside the F355. The 360 Challenge maintains the same output (400 bhp @ 8,500 rpm) as the standard road car, but incorporates a number of modifications designed to dramatically improve track performance.

Ferrari Shell Historic Challenge
The Ferrari Historic Challenge is a racing series for Ferraris, Maseratis, and Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeos, held in conjunction with F430 Challenge and 360 Challenge events. In this series cars are divided into performance-based Drum and Disc Brake categories The Historic Challenge offers owners of these historic Ferraris (and Maseratis) the opportunity to compete against other owners in a controlled racing series.

Ferrari Challenge
What is the Ferrari Challenge?
The Ferrari Challenge, and Historic Challenge-Ferrari's own racing series, were created to allow Ferrari customers a chance to enjoy their cars in a structured competitive environment, racing against other Ferrari owners on some of the great race tracks in North America.
The Challenge was created in 1993 for the then-current Ferrari 348. Since 2000 the featured car has been the 360 Challenge -- a special racing version has been built by the Ferrari factory just for the series. For the 2006 series the exhilarating F430 Challenge has been introduced and will be racing alongside the 360 Challenge.

The Ferrari Historic Challenge is a racing series for Ferrari, Maserati, and Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeo cars, held at race tracks in North America. The Historic Challenge was created to offer owners of these historic racers the opportunity to compete against other owners in a controlled racing series.
Who organizes the Challenge?

The Ferrari Challenge is organized by Ferrari North America and its authorized dealers, and is sanctioned by the Grand American Road Racing Association (GrandAm).

Ferrari cars racing in the series are very carefully prepared and maintained for competition by authorized Ferrari dealers, many of whom have formed racing teams for the series.

Who can participate in the Challenge?
The Ferrari Challenge is open to owners of a Ferrari 360 Challenge and Ferrari F430 Challenge variants, while the Ferrari Historic Challenge is open to owners of vintage Ferrari, Maserati, and Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeo cars.

The Ferrari Challenge is not open to drivers whose primary occupation is competing in any professional racing series or instructing race drivers, or who are engaged in the purchase and/or sale of Ferrari vehicles, parts, service, and/or other products as a livelihood.
Can I receive spectator information?

Yes. To receive periodical Ferrari newsletters, event invitations, Challenge racing events and ticket information please go to Enthusiast sign-up.
What is the Challenge schedule?

Go to "Schedule" on the "Ferrari Challenge" menu to find the most recent racing schedule.
How does a driver register?

Drivers who have not previously competed in the North American Ferrari Challenge must submit an online application to the Challenge Manager at Ferrari North America, completely detailing their previous racing experience. Decisions regarding eligibility of drivers will be made by the Ferrari Challenge Committee, whose decisions will be made for safety reasons and in the spirit of the series, and whose decisions are final.
Questions on these regulations, and requests for approval for specific modifications or exceptions, should be directed to:
Maria McNeil, Challenge Manager
Ferrari North America
250 Sylvan Avenue
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
Phone: 201-816-2681
Fax: 201-541-8488
[email protected]
Corse Clienti
What is F1 Clienti?

Privateers have always played an important part in Ferraris racing activity, dating back to the earliest days of the marque. It was with this in mind that the Ferrari Challenge was created in 1993, to get Granturismo owners racing on the tracks. At the end of 2001, as an extension to this initiative, the company set up the Corse Clienti (Racing owners) department.
The doors to a magic world open on the workshop of this special department. Here, away from prying eyes, F1 cars are prepared for sale and then maintained for F1 customers as are those for Schumacher and Massa. Since 1990, Ferrari has helped owners to use their cars on track, whereas before they were only allowed to be put on display.
In the dedicated workshop, the cars are customized in terms of the cockpit and the basic set-up, before they are taken to the Fiorano circuit for a shake down and driver training.
Any work which cannot be undertaken through the dealer network is carried out in this department, which is also the only source of spare parts.
The large number of F1 cars sold to date has created something of a "Fenomeno Ferrari" and presents the pinnacle of Corse Clienti activity.



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Nice pics Tambo...The first one of the interior with the sun is excellent...Looks like you had a blast.

Thanks for sharing the experience.


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It was a hot day on Sunday (it either rains, or is hot) the smell of burnt rubber, and high quality gas were in the air. Homestead, for all of those fortunate enough not to go there is the most desolate, depressing, and did I mention boring track in the world. Trees are rare, and shade is even rarer. The most beautiful part of the track is a water feature by one of the curves that in the cold war held a fountain (long decomissioned since. The colors of the track are equally bland. The main themes are white, Sun yellowed white, Concrete, and a light color which was once a rich turquose color, but now resembles the color of the suits worn in the Miami Vice era. Such an unlikely place to hold Italy's finest. Though I pity myself for visiting this nuclear test site look alike, I pity the drivers more. One might say "Those rich bastards might deserve the fact that they stew to death in their racesuits while driving their FXXes, or their F1 cars", but in honesty no one deserves it. There were quite alot of Ferraris this time. The F430 was as common as a Honda. Upon entering the garage I was met by the growl of the FXX. These cars sounded nasty, but in a wonderful way. The idle noise, with all of its popping resembled a dog coughing up a hairball while growling, and the revved engine note was similair to a pack of hungry german sheppards staring at a rabbit through a fence...what an excuisite sound it was. I watched the owners wazz them around the track for a couple of laps, and then retreated from this blistering sun to a spot that was a tiny bit hotter. I witnessed two Dinos, a F40, and most unexpectedly a Bugatti Veyron arrive. It brought crouds of many people, and I had to infiltrate the perimeter through their legs to get any shots at all (thank you ladies and gents for not wearing skirts). I walked through the garages through the different generations of F1 cars, (all of which raced) (And sounded amazing :yo: :naughty: ) through the endless rows of F430 challenge cars, a couple of 333SP (I love those, and yes they also raced). In a little while it was time to hear the F1 cars race. I walked back to my pleasantly boiling spot, took a seat (not before seeing the only Italian bike there; a modified S4R). The F1 cars were loud as hell. I have never been to an F1 race, so I'm not sure how fast they usually go, but the fastest F1 car had a time of 1:09.365 around the longer track. I devoured two hot dogs, and slowly walked from the Sahara to the Gobi Desert (the parking lot). The trip was cold :freezing: By the time I left, the color of my back matched the bright ferrari red... ouch, what a day. :yo:

The full size... HUGE pics are in my gallery 2.28 Megs Each :jsm:


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