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Fault Throttle Position (Stop Engine) killing the bike

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Hello everyone,

I have a 2018 F3 675 which out of nowhere it started showing the fault for Throttle Position this makes the bike die almost instantly.

I've check the forums and saw that this has not happened only to me but on all of the posts I see there is not a clear answer to what the issue is, I think it has been mentioned that there was a Service Bulletin for the known issue on the throttle but also there are some people that solved this just by cleaning the connectors.

Is there any clear answer to what causes the throttle position fault on the MV Agusta's?

Can I take the bike to the official dealer and they should be able to handle the issue?
Any steps on what to check before thinking on buying a new throttle commander?

Any help would be appreciated!
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If you have a dealer who can plug in the diag tool, they will be your best option.
You bought the bike used or new? The service bulletin should be a warranty repair if it affects your bike. A recall of sorts.
I bought it used, the problem is that I'm from Costa Rica and there are no more official dealerships from MV Agusta in the country ( the brand actually left in january of this year ), I think I can go to my local trusty mechanic, but I'll just get the code read out and it probably will appear again.

I think I've seem some people said that they got it fixed by cleaning the connectors, do you happen to know which connectors are they talking about and where to reach them?

I've also reached out to MV Agusta directly maybe I can get some sort of support from them and get the replacements parts shipped and I can work to repair it here.

Any further insight would be appreciated on trying to get this fix, I'm actually kind of sad I cannot ride it anymore without having to stop every 2 kms because the code stalls the bike.

If you follow the cables from the throttle unit and the map/start/kill switch on the right handle bar you will find they pass to the right of the steering head or thereabouts. There are plugs and sockets connecting these harnesses to the main wiring harness. These are the connectors that are mentioned elsewhere. Disconnect these plugs and clean the contacts with a contact cleaner then spray the contacts with a di-electric or silicone spray grease designed for electrical connections. You may need to clean these several times. Also visually check the terminals to ensure they are in good condition and correctly formed to make good contact. Some owners have had success with this issue from cleaning the main ecu connectors.

Does you bike have the latest map loaded? MV, or any service paperwork you have, should be able to tell you this. I'm not sure about any service bulletins relating to the throttle, There was some of this information available online but I cant find it at the moment and as I recall it didn't go beyond about 2016.

There have been several upgrades to the throttle assembly since they were first introduced in 2013 but as a 2018 model your bike should have had the latest throttle (part # 8E00b5444) installed at the factory.

Id love to know what dealers do when confronted with this issue. Quite a few owners have posted about the issue but haven't confirmed how it was resolved.
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Thanks a lot I'll follow the process and update the news.

I'm not sure if it has the latest map but I guess I can ask my local mechanic to get me to this information.
Not so good news, cleaned up the connectors and went for a quick ride to test the bike around the block.

Issue still appeared after 2-3kms of riding.

If there is anything else anyone recommends to try that has faced this issue would be appreciated :)

(I'm still missing confirming the loaded map on my bike)
I'm no expert on MV's, they are a new experience for me.
But I'm curious, in the manual it gives 2 different faults relating to the throttle system.


Problem with the electrical system - Repair/Replace
Faulty throttle body connection - Deoxidize/Repair
Throttle body position sensor failure - Change throttle body
Faulty ECU connection - Deoxidize/Repair
ECU failure - Replace


Faulty gas control connection - Deoxidize/Repair
Gas control failure - Replace
ECU failure - Replace
Faulty ECU connection - Deoxidize/Repair
Problem with the electrical system

The one problem relates to the "fly by wire" throttle system, the other appears to be related to the throttle body sensors.
You haven't stated Gas position error.......??

Have you got the manual?
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No Gas Position error, only Throttle Position error.

I do have the manual, yes,
Might be worth checking the harness where it plugs into the throttle bodies.

I'm not sure on this, I've not looked at it, I'm just guessing from what the manual says.
I got no luck with cleaning the connectors from neither the throttle body nor the throttle command, I guess it's just a failure of the electronic parts.

Just decided to buy a new one and replace it, hopefully that fixed the problem from root, if anything i'll update here :)
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