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Just thought I would share my thoughts on the film Fastest by Mark Neale, which I and some friends went to see at a local cinema last night.

Those of you who have seen Faster will be familiar with the format and Ewan McGregor (of Star Wars fame) narrates the movie again. Apparently when asked to do this by Mark Neale he was committed to the project straight away, such is his passion for all things motorbikes.

Whilst the film is said to centre around the goings on of the 2010 season, you will find that it primarily concerntrates on the rivalry between Rossi and Lorenzo and also provides an insight to Rossi's home town of Tavullia and some of the characters from his fan club who live and work there.

One of the opening scenes is very amusing and focuses on the final laps of the Catalunya GP from the previous year and provides the viewer with an insight as to how and where the rivalry began and ironically the eventual pressure, some percieved, this bought to bare on Rossi in his fight with Lorenzo during 2010, leading ultimately to his accident in pracitice at Mugello.

Unsurprisingly, I found it to be a very well edited and narrated film, which I think will humble anyone who rides a motorbike and provides a unique insight into these ultimate racers.

Oh...and of course I can't finish without re-assuring you that you can rely on some typical graphical quotes from "the Man" Colin Edwards during the film, what a legend.

Hope you enjoy it.

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