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I retightened my steering head.....and the same feelings of love from the 1st day I took the maiden ride, came back all over again....all thatnmks to Altoon for comin to the rescue by overnighting me his tools. I can't express enough how grateful I am!!!!

I've tested bike when my steering head was slightly loose, and the Brute still fell lightyears more agile and stiff.

Now that it's tightened all up, I had a hard time getting off, lol.

My steering collar, holy crap, was about a 30 degree turn loose after I put the tool on. The little white lines where lined up, but it was still loose. I didn't have a TQ wrench so I tightened her till she stopped, and gave a small nudge tighter. Nothing seriously tight, but very snug. She still moves back and forth freely, but harder than what I was used to. I honestly don't think I overtightened her, I'm thinking I was just used to the extremely loose headset.

Eitherway, the entire thing took about 45 minutes, from start to finish. The thing that took the longest was taking off the headlight, as I only had allen wrenches, not socket allens, and the allen keys couldn't turn completely as the turn signals were in the way. Otherwise, it worked out fine, with no issues. The triple clamp coming off and going back on is the hardest part. going on being extrmely difficult. So I set it on there straight,got a rubber mallet and tapped it down.

It's a breeze of an procedure when you have all the tools, all the bolts are majorly different so you don't even need to put them in seperate places, it's obvious what bolt goes where. One thing I noticed though, where the bolts that hold the gauge cluster on, are magnesium....

eMoto, you should get the collar tool. MV dealers want $106 for the tool. if you could beat that price, I think you'de sell a bunch. it's the one tool you don't have on your site.
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