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Refer to page K02 of the Parts Manual......(picture 1)
You're going to remove everything EXCEPT hoses #6 and the pairs marked #22, #23

You will need;
Clic-R pliers
RTV silicone
Epoxy (I TIG welded instead of using epoxy)
4 vacuum caps
MV part #800095839, an 8mm lock nut and washer and the O-ring
New fuel filter

Remove and drain the tank
Remove the fuel cap and the small rubber gasket at the rear......seal the hole with RTV silicone (picture 2) replace cap
Remove fuel pump plate disconnect lines #5 & #6
Epoxy the 3 notches next to the studs that hold the fuel pump plate on......that's what cuts the big O-rings
Seal the 2 hose fittings on the fuel pump plate use epoxy (picture 3)
Remove everything else>:)
Cap the vacuum lines at the sides of the frame
Connect line #6 to part #800095839, bolt it into the tank (picture 4) I removed #6 for the picture
Change the fuel filter
Remount the fuel pump plate
Notice you didn't have to fumble with the 2 lines that used to be connected to the fuel pump plate >:)

Remount're done :grin2:

And your bike is lighter


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Rather than remove the rubber seal between the cap and tank, and sealing the cap vent hole in the tank, I just attach a Y to the 2 hoses inside the tank and then lead the single hose to the outside vent, as you did for the water drain.

When the cap vents to atmosphere directly, rather than through the hose to the tank bottom, gas will leak out on top of the tank if you over fill, or drop the bike.

Of will spill down on top of the hot engine under the tank when vented to the tank back side. Win some lose some.

I tapped the holes in the pump base and installed sealed 5 mm screws to plug them..... that way it is easily reversible.
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