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2008 1078 Brutale 2015 F3 800
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Hi all. I bought a 2015 F3 800 in April, 2021, which was a statutory write off and set up as a track only bike by the guy I bought it from.
Naturally, I wanted to customize the bike to my own taste, and although it had been fitted with some good bits and pieces, ie..Lightech rearsets, HP Corse exhaust, after market clip-on bars, cf front guard and RG crash protection, I wanted to take things up a level. I fitted MWR WSBK air filter, velocity stacks and larger intake tubes, removed the exhaust power valve and added some carbon fiber bling (rear hugger, front sprocket cover and lower chain guard). I booked it in for ECU Studio treatment and dyno tune and that’s when a major engine problem revealed itself. They couldn’t give the F3 it’s final run on the dyno because it started making foreign noises from the motor.
So I brought it home, removed said motor, found an engine builder of good repute here in Brisbane and after pulling it apart he told me it had at some stage been starved of oil and all main and big end bearings were stuffed. I prepaid, and he ordered all the new parts needed, and it took almost five months for the parts to arrive from Italy’s finest, MV Agusta.
During my long frustrating wait, I took the opportunity to respray the trellis chassis, get all the bodywork professionally resprayed using the Rosso F3 as the model. The previous owner’s paint scheme was not what I wanted on my MV. I also got the front and rear suspension rebuilt by an expert here in Brisbane.
Just a matter of three weeks before my engine parts arrived, I happened upon a motorcycle parts importer on eBay selling a 2015 F3 800 engine with only 3165 kms on it! This importer is only 15 mins drive from where I live. I couldn’t believe my luck, so after parting with a King’s ransom, I slotted a near new engine into my F3 chassis, and after a few more weeks of final dyno and other tweaks, I’ve now got the track bike of my desire after a total of fifteen months of frustration, great expense and lots of swearing! A labour of love!
In closing, I’d say I am slightly underwhelmed by 136.5RWBHP and evening more so by 69.4NM of torque. I had hoped for 140+ bhp. However, the engine was imported from Japan where it racked up just over 3000kms on heavily congested roads, so perhaps it’s not even properly run in and after a couple of track days it might free up a couple more ponies. I hope so anyway. But, to hell with the figures, it’s now time for fun. View attachment 496038
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Hey great looking F3 ! I have a few questions for you Micky please as I am also building up my 2015 F3 800 for track days :)
I've seen that you have different handle bars (which I'll add as well on my 2015 F3's), wasn't it too tough dealing with the brake fluid tank that is originally attached to the OEM handlebar ?
Which handle bar would you recommend (as there isn't too much room to fit all commands down there) ? . Seen Accossato's from Italy, closeby home here. They are 50 mms, right ? Many thanks !
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