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2016 F3 675, 06 KTM 950SM, 99 Aprilia RS250, KTM 390RC race bike.
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MV Augusta nailed the fashion vs function ratio on 99% of this bike but they dropped the ball with the standard mirror design and construction. After the first ride the decision was made that they have to go. Firstly the optics on my examples were severely distorted, secondly only the end tip was useful at seeing what was behind and thirdly the mirror lens was very hard to adjust which I think contributed to the distorted lens.
So after rumaging around in my parts bin from previous bikes I found a set of bar end mirrors and some indicator pods. With a bit of custom work making an alloy mounting plate for the pods I’m pretty happy with the end result. No vibes, great rear vision and sleek looks
The mirrors even give off a bit of a “Georgio Armani” vibe with the Blue tint 😎
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