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Two weeks ago I was as lucky to join in again at the annular German MV Agusta Club Meeting. This time held in the beautiful Castle of Neuburg a. d. Domau in Bavaria.
I had there again a wonderful time, met great peoples, had phantastic food and beverages, a great tour trough the Altmuehl Valley, a visit on the way of the Audi Museum and finally a nice racing sunday.
Well my little 350B wasn't ready. The brakes were for a complete overhaul in workshop which didn't got it done in time. I had instead the chance to ride the new F4 (nero/grigio) and a red silver 1078. I will save out on this here, but the new F4 rocks. I swapped bikes with Gianfranco Bomera and he was all over the new F4.
However I thought I present You lovers of the historic MV Agusta's with some photos I shot this weekend.
A nice looking 750GT.
A beautiful build up 350 racer (this is fpr sale for just 15000 Euro)
The famous MV Agusta Superbike (Formula 750) which was build by MV after the disastrous 1972 Imola 200. But it never raced since the FIM refused homologation because of the chain drive which was not even on offer for customers as a kit. Arturo Magni builded the exact kit later to hundreds of four cylinder MV owners. It is owned by a really lovely grey haired fellow and is of course a delight to see.
A photo Albert with the 1947 125 Tre Marche as always flying.
Further Franco Bonera on the 500 Tre. The Tre wasn't running this great this weekend and hindered Franco on putting up a better show with it.
Than Heinz Rosner the most successful GP Racer of MZ. His RE 350 is bloody fast and full stunning stuff. For an example can he adjust fueling of it by a little lever during a race. He said he never ever changed anything at the carbs from 1967 till today. He liked this device especially at the TT. And he still can't standl any vehicle in front of him. To bad it was the pace car this time.
Finally a few shots of the 350 Sei again ridden by Franco Bonera. The Sei was running perfectly and he was really flying on it.
I hope You guys enjoy it.


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It's a fine day when you wake up and see pictures like this. Thanks very much for sharing.

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It's a darn shame that I did not see these until later in the day - Oh be still beating heart :love:

Thank you so much for those pics:mouthwate

I heard the SEI at Phillip Island in 1999 with Ago on board - a sound that is forever etched in my mind & on my heart!

No other marque can do that..................try as they may.
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