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I recently got a second hand B3 800 2013 and would like to get a aftermarket exhaust.

Similar to some of the other comments in this thread, I'd like to keep the 3 pipe look. Having said that i don't want to get an exhaust that is annoyingly loud.

As far as i can tell the main options are:
- Silmotor
- QD
- Zero
- Alkadesign
- HP hydro tre
- FM

Based on previous comments in the thread, the FM, Silmotor and Zero exhausts are really lound which leaves the QD, Alkadesign and HP Hydro tre.

I actually like the raspy sound of the stock exhaust and would like to get an aftermarket one that doesn't loose this sound. Can anyone comment on the "raspyness" of the QD, alka and hydro tre?

I've watched a bunch of videos but sometimes it's hard to tell if the mic. is cutting the sound out. Some of the aftermarket exhausts seem to make the bike sound generic. Also, i hate the sound of the street / speed triple at idle. Definatly don't want to sound like that.

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Somebody help me out...Silmoto versus Silmotor....
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