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2006 F4 w/ Arrow Exhaust.

Correct me if I’m wrong but one side of the copper ring seems to have a larger surface area than the other side? Does it have to be put on one way? And does the fitment of the ring look correct on the header or is this wrong?

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Working on the same. Alex is kindly ordering a set from MV along with my valve cover gasket kit. There is nothing better than a fellow enthusiast, our time trusted MV vendor who watches our back. Kudos, as always, to Alex at myGPracing.

Back in 2008 FBF displayed my B4 with an exquisite titanium full exhaust. Oh my you should have seen it. Sadly no photo. I just couldn't afford at nearly 3 grand so back to stock. In the retrofit the gaskets were forgotten. Arrow stainless system installed without them. I just didn't know until now. The soot at a couple joints tipped me off. Hummm will she run smoother?

The above video link is helpful, it's still active.
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