I didnt know the history on my bike but was planning to do the 7k mile service so I bought a new Euro4 sprag for it since I would be in that deep already. Turns out mine had already been replaced, so now I have two. This is used, but everything is tight and has zero play or damage that I can see.

Full disclosure I did have some starting issues prior to replacement, but I do not believe it was tied to the sprag. My bike turned over just fine and had no errors on the dash. I adjusted valves, put in new plugs, a new sprag, new 4ga battery leads, and cleaned the injectors at the same time so I'm not really sure what fixed my issue. I did NOT have the tell-tale sprag clank or phase error code that most people did. My bike also has old software which could have been causing my issues - no dealer near me so I havent gotten the Euro4 SW update to aid in starting yet.

Note that the marks on the gear teeth is fuzz from the paper towel I had it wrapped in.

Willing to ship on your dime - located in MN, USA