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The volume of bikes being stolen at present in NZ is out of control - I've got GPS trackers hidden on mine (I think I've got about 24hrs of built-in battery time to locate them).

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@cruiser hardest thing is to remember to charge it 馃榿

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@cruiser hardest thing is to remember to charge it 馃榿
Mine is connected to the battery however it also has it's onboard battery - that's what lasts if they pull the battery. They also need to find the GPS unit.
Yes, they constantly draw a small charge so a few days off the trickle charger is normally fine - but I tend to connect my bikes to their trickle chargers all the time.

For me it was when my near new 2017 1090RR was physically picked up and put into the side of a truck...

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Well now some legal action can begin and hopefully, the old saying "crime doesn't pay" holds true.

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.... "crime doesn't pay" holds true.
Insurance doesn't pay either.

3 weeks assessing the bills sale, maintenance,
tires change whatnot etc.

Now back to step one.
Assess the bike.
Might take another good long while before they fix a value.

Thieves did a splendid job
They dismantled the Dragster
not a scratch on the paint, frame or engine!
They undid and saved all the little rubber bands none was cut.
Only the harness missing from the heap.

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Wow and more WOW!

Insurance assessed my Dragster can be rebuild.
For now the Dragster parts are in half a dozen of stolen sport bags plus my tank bag
and lots and lots of bolts, nuts and cables.

Local MV dealer flatly refused to rebuild the puzzle.

So I HAD to find a garage MYSELF to gather the remnants of the Dragster.
They even had the gall to ask if I could shelter the parts in MY OWN GARAGE
while they try to find a suitable rebuilder for an MV Agusta Dragster RR.

Insurer assessed the present value of a Dragster RR at 12 000 鈧
(2 yrs ago I paid 19 200 鈧)
Hence they found it cheaper to rebuild the Dragster, maybe in the fall 2021,
than offer me the paltry miserable simoleons.

They got me a rental Toyota Yaris or a Fiat 500 starting next week
while my Dragster sits in a shop somewhere!

Guignol's band.

At least Dick Turpin wore a mask


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Disgusting despicable behaviour.
Is this normal business practice in your country?
Do you have any sort of consumer protection government bodies to guard against this sort of behaviour?

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I don't even have words for what I am thinking. At $100.00/hr shop fees, the value of the bike will be exceeded in ~120 hours.
Charge the Insurance company the going Storage Rate for a vehicle in your country.

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Dumb and dumber at the bat.

First Illiterate police critters!
But a lucky bunch.
They found the bike, told me it's the first time in history
they ever got a stolen bike back.

Crooked or plain stupid or maybe both claims adjuster.

Floundering insurance helpline ladies trying very hard but couldn't google a motorcycle garage.
Had to do it myself
then read back phone numbers and address to the overwhelmed helper.

Found the garage, called the wrench to accept the hopeless challenge:
-"SIR ... I, we are professional motorcycle mechanics, what you're asking for makes NO SENSE, SIR..."

Next Tuesday, if the planets and stars align,
the wrench could get the heap of parts, bags and all loose bolts, delivered.

The wrecker warned me that when they upturned by mistake
some engine parts, all the oil spilled.
so I'll likely need new oil ...

And I'll start my very first day as a former MV Agustist.
proudly driving a rental stick shift Fiat 500.

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Bring it home...put it together in your living room. Bill your insurance for the labor at going local hourly labor rate for exotic automobile technicians (call the Porsche or Ferrari dealer and ask). Estimate minimum 100 hours.
We will help you from afar, you can do it, and you will know it is right !!!

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+1 馃憜

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glad you got it back, I wouldnt mind helping but I assume you are not near my place. You should invest some money to kick the shit out of this assholes, they will walk free at some stage and wont stop doing what they do best....taking other peoples money.

insurers suck, made a deal some centuries back and fixed up my bike myself. They use(d) to have a hourly rate they pay out to guys if you can provide a quote from a dealer for parts and time.....but possible to late now.

good luck, hope you get it back and cover at least some of your losses..


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Thanks mates,
and a friendly helpful forum.

But the elusive workshop manual for a MY2019 Dragster RR isn't here.
Only at the dealer.
The Dragster was transportation, fun transportation, but transportation.

Not a rebuild project to spend doddering old age idle time.

I had only one motorcycle.
The great H. Ford himself couldn't drive more than one vehicle at a time.

I paid for 2 years full cover insurance.
Got shafted kingsize.
Zero help or support from the MV dealer where I bought new my four last MVs.

Time to move on.

Fight the asinine weasel insurer.
Drop the MV sad clowns.

MV Dealer, obviously, isn't responsible for the theft but could've
told the claim adjuster that my Dragster was, before theft, in perfect condition.

He didn't.

Then MV dealer offered the adjuster to do a cheap rebuild, from scratch,
in a few months time, later, maybe in the fall.
-after the end of tourist season!-

By contract the insurer has to provide some vehicle of about the same value,
if available,
while the Dragster RR or the sum of his parts are at the thieves or in the shop.

This line of the contract the insurer very reluctantly agreed to.
This took only a month of phone calls...

I'll drive a tiny tin Fiat!

Haven't got it yet.
On the WE the tourists get the pick first,
but maybe later, Monday.

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The earlier workshop manuals should be adequate to reassemble your well as the parts diagrams. Wish I was close by, I would offer to do it. I like jigsaw puzzles.
At any rate, good luck and my sympathies.
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If your insurance wants to pay for our holiday, Ed and I will come reassemble it!

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... Ed and I will come reassemble it!
Yeah it could be fun ... BUT...

I won't ride a Frankenbike.
However patient and skilled the rebuild it'll be a rebuild that was before theft a practically new
and pampered Dragster RR.

After a month fight with the insurer they agreed to rent me a CAR.

Well it isn't really a car it's a Renault Twingo with 56 300km on the clock.
Even new this contraption wouldn't pass for a car.

Tourists had the pick of the rental market only this Twingo was left
parked among the garbage wheelie bins.


But it's all right !
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