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Having cored the exahusts today. I was trying it out (F312R) and thought what other aesthetic will we get attached to when electric bikes come along. Having done this, riding it is just a much more exciting and rewarding experience.
The noise is part of the experience for me. The airbox, the engine growl, the exhausts howling and the burble on downshifts.
Then there are the smells as well.
All of that will go when electric bikes take over as they will and these wonderful bikes will be banned.
Will it then be possible to download any comsution bike noise and use this thru your ipod whilst riding?
Call me nostalgic. Its like when vinyl was king, buying an album was a special experience, now like many other things music is more of a comodity. Though more accessible and environmentally friendly, the experience is more clinical and dulled.
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