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Hi all,
long time no see.
So what's being going on with ECU Studio? In the last 2 (maybe 3) years I made some _huge_ but invisible steps forward and had a really hard time keeping up with MV Agusta updates.
The latest ROMs releases from MV are finally "lined up", that's an amazing news for me because it means less different firmwares to support ---> more time to do funnier stuff.
ECU Studio can now update itself (actually, it already did but in a very annoying way on this side) and download every file it needs automatically.
The new pink/red box has solved any connection issue we had with the old interface. I'm quite proud of that little box but, as anything else, it required time to develop and produce it. Flashing and logging speed has also improved thank to the new interface.
A quick file count shows there are more than 180 MV firmware versions supported as I'm writing. I'm currently working on including the newest F4 ROM.
Without going too much into techical details, I'm now more *free* to work and experiment on the Eldor ECU. I've tested a lot of stuff in the last year (pit limiter, engine heater, remote logging, wideband O2 sensor) and every test has been a success. I couldn't release them since MV gave me no break with ROMs updates, bugs, and so on. I have to sum all these features in a big, unique update and then I'll take a looooooong break.

Enough with tech/nerdie stuff.
I'd like to thank every one who chose to use ECU Studio and everyone who's been supportive and involved during these years.
Particularly... a big thank to Dansoarr for all the help he provided here on the forum. I'm trying to win the lottery to hire him as a full time developer/supporter/writer but, as of today, I can just thank him and send him a few beers from Italy.

"See" you soon.

p.s. If someone has not received the last update please send me an email, I already uploaded them all but I may have forgotten to send some emails.
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