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I just bought my Brutale 910R, and like many of you, found the mirrors beautiful, but less than perfect for viewing traffic. I thought a little bit of adjustment forward would increase the angle of view to the side, and help with lane changes

As you may know, the mirrors are pinned at the base, and therefore cannot rotate. To overcome this issue, I removed the mirrors, then cut a square of rubber from a surplus clutch-side rubber hand grip, using the bottom of the mirror as a pattern. I cut the rubber so that it was smaller than the base of the mirror (as the rubber will "grow" when compressed onto the mirror base).

Next, while holding my roughly patterned rubber "gasket" against the bottom of the mirror, I punched a small hole through the gasket with a center punch, using the bolt hole in the mirror as a guide. Using the small hole in the gasket, I pushed the gasket over the bolt that the mirror mounts to. To gain a bit of space, I compressed the spring/spacer that is inside the mirror mounting area with a set of pliers before re-installing the mirror (couldn't get the bolt to catch the stud on the mirror base until I did this...). I re-installed the mirror, adjusting it so that I could see much less of my arm, and much more of the lane beside me. Finally, using a very sharp exacto blade and a lot of patience, I trimmed the excess rubber gasket material around the base of the mirror so that it was flush with the edges of the mirror base.

It took a lot longer to write this than it did to do the mod. The mirrors are now much more useful, and maybe I won't get tagged changing lanes.

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