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Some ppl deserve to fry:

Driver drags bike 4 miles
N.C. man charged with intent to kill

By Kelly Marshall Fuller
The Sun News

An N.C. man was charged with assault and battery with intent to kill after a car plowed into a motorcyclist early Sunday and dragged his bike for several miles down U.S. 17 Business.

Larry Jacobs, of Sugar Grove, N.C., was arrested in Surfside Beach after witnesses saw a car hit 27-year-old Makino Robinson from behind, then continue driving at least four miles with the motorcycle pinned beneath his car.

Robinson, whose family lives in the Browns Ferry section of Georgetown County, managed to escape serious injury, according to Myrtle Beach police. He was tossed onto the hood of a car after he was struck, then he rolled off the vehicle.

Robinson, who was on weekend leave from Fort Bragg, N.C., has deep bruises and severe road burns, said his father, David Robinson.

The family cannot understand why Jacobs would strike someone and then continue dragging the motorcycle down the busy highway.

"I didn't think that someone would go out of the way to hit someone on a motorcycle," David Robinson said.

The incident started around 7 a.m., when Makino Robinson was riding south on Kings Highway, police said.

Robinson had been in Myrtle Beach for the weekend, his father said.

He had attended the Atlantic Beach Bikefest and was returning home when he couldn't locate some friends he wanted to see.

A witness told police he saw Robinson riding in the right lane of U.S. 17 Business, near Myrtle Beach State Park.

He saw Jacobs' car change lanes and quickly "close the gap" with the motorcycle.

Robinson was struck from behind, then struggled not to be pulled beneath Jacobs' car, the witness said.

Robinson "flailed about" on the hood of Jacobs' vehicle, the witness told police.

Other witnesses heard "grinding metal," and saw sparks coming from Jacobs' speeding car.

"It was the oddest thing I've ever seen," said Laura Rush, a district circulation manager for The Sun News. "He was flying down [U.S.] 17 Business with the bike under his car."

Makino Robinson, who returned from Iraq last year, had just purchased his motorcycle, his father said.

His son's wife, who is also in the military, is stationed at Pope Air Force Base, N.C., he said.

Makino Robinson was taken to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center after the incident and was released by Sunday afternoon.

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What next...this guy better go away for a long time and I hope while he's in there the many bikers will make his stay as painful as possible.
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