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In this thread I am trying to ascertain the compatibilty of the front sprocket and rear sprocket centre lines across different years.

eg Is it feasible to fit a 2010 sprocket carrier to a 1000s bike without altering the chain alignment.

This has been touched on in other threads but I want to have a one stop discussion on just this aspect..Chain alignment .(.Not spacers in carrier assemblies or cush drives ).

This post concerns only the drive sprocket end.

So to start, I have pulled out the part numbers from the parts manuals ( thanks Donsy ) .

1000s and 1000R 312 and 1078 RR 312

Drive shaft 8000A 1072
Drive shaft collar 8000A 2319
Drive shaft Sprocket 8000A 1949

According to the MV Agusta Parts manual they have the same parts in this area.

This would suggest to me that the centre line of the drive sprocket is the same across all of these models.

I may be wrong. Please critique.

When we have worked out the drive sprocket centre lines for these years then as the next phase we can move on to is the wheel sprocket centre lines as a separate subject.

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