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Hi team MV,

I just wanted to say that the 12K service on the Dragster RR was pretty spot on with checking the valves.
Though a costly experience, the MV Italian 'thickometer' showed two well over and one too tight for the intakes. Big up to this in the service checks at 12k!
Oil was extremely dirty in six months. I'm thinking the last service guys didn't go with the fully synthetic oil. :(

Sprint Air filter:
Also noted was the air filter slightly loose and the service team kindly sealed it in properly to keep the crap out of the motor. (I advise anyone who fits a Sprint Filter P08 to go in from the top and get it properly sealed in rather than replace from the side.)
Spark plugs were also looking sad, wow they were expensive and hard to find here in New Zealand!

A few shims later and a good couple of days, our local mechanic got it all spot on.
Wow what a difference, much more responsive across the board. Loads more power.
Starting is way better, that tight valve could have been the culprit. (Latest Sprag fitted six months ago.)

Huge performance difference, though the difference is probably due to the bike slowly changing over the year.
Though $$$ cost for service was not expected, I'm extremely happy with the outcome. Big ups to Tane and the team at Motueka motorcycles here in New Zealand. Highly recommended. (Great to be allowed in during the service and gain excellent info on what is going on from these racing experts!)

@ other MV owners. Is it normal the valves on the MVs go out like this at 12K within a year?
Hope my findings here can help others with their service decisions and after market parts!


Jon with a beautiful Italian Moped! (Dragster RR - 2016. Mods: FM Project Exhaust, Sprint Air Filter, happy new Sprag and general CRC/ extras... Needs a Power Commander V!)

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Your valves needed doing for sure....
not sure about the plugs but they last 80-100,000 mi in cars
the most common plug is NGK CR9- EIX they are Iridium, available on US eBay for ~$26 for 4!!!!!
shipping should be ~$14 to NZ
Mitch has stated the trade cost in OZ is $17 EACH


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Does anybody know where I can get a good view of the ports on the 800 cylinder head (B3)...I been looking but no luck...Im a professional head/manifold porter, been thinking about branching into the motorcycles..I have done some prototype stuff on Harley heads that were donated to me...
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