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Dragster Rear Luggage Rack

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Ok, So i know it's not a touring bike, but there are a few who want to take it on trips longer than a day and/or maybe take some luggage with them ;-)

So to that end and considering i was bored in the workshop this evening, I decided to tackle the problem, ok not really a problem there, but i love challenges & self inflicted projects, so set to work making a prototype rear rack for the Dragster.

A few hours later, here's what i came up with......yes maybe not the best looking thing in the world, but what luggage carriers are? It's simple, practical and serves a function, at least no horrible scaffolding everywhere and it can be fitted or removed in 2-3 minutes, 3 allen bolts, that's it, No mods to the bike needed & very strong, i had my 9 year old daughter sit on it and it held her weight with no problems. ��

I now have the final template, so i intend to get one laser cut from 6mm Aluminium & powder coated in the the next few weeks, so if anyone else is interested in it, then please let me know so that i can gauge interest, as it's possible i could get a batch made up, the more i get made, the cheaper they would be. Alternatively, if you're handy in the garage, then you could easily knock one up of your own.


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Nice work there mate, I'd be interested in one. Where are you on this wee planet of ours though as postage might be restrictive.
edit// meant to say I also have a Kreiga bag so looks perfect for that.
Oh, and has that bike ever seen a road, looks bloody clean.

I see some UK sockets in the background so postage to Spain would be fine.
Yes mate, i am in the Uk, so posting to Spain shouldn't be too far out of the relms ;-)
No not yet worse luck, waiting for this crap weather to brighten up so i can go out and abuse it, a few trips planned for the summer with possibly Wheels and Waves in Biarritz, hence the luggage rack lol, can't wait.
I am going to the metalworks in the next few days to see on prices and quantities, so will update you on what transpires.... watch this space
Hi guys.
I did something similar with my dragster - one thing you might want to do is replace the M6 screws with studs and nuts - after taking mine on and off a handful of times, I noticed one of the screws had come loose from the regular bouncing and flexing while riding and the thread felt a bit weaker, so I loctited in some threaded rod and put flange nuts on the top instead - much easier to torque up consistently.
Assuming 20kg ish for SWL given your 9 yr old

Singapore based but i got you on the postage.

Any particuliar bags that will suit well? Need to make sure i can get one of those too as currently no touring bag

otherwise +1 here to in black please
This one would have made my trip last summer a lot better :D
How's this coming along?
Also checking in...

Im planning a big ride from Singapore to Thailand and this would be sweet.
Sorry for the delay, i have been extremely busy, but i am pleased to let you guy know that.....

I have made a significant outlay and am pleased to let you know that i have now had these professionally produced on a small limited run of 10, only 9 available, so get it quick before they are gone. (If there is more demand, they there may be a possibility of another larger production run in the future)


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Nice one, bought :D
Nice one, bought :D
Many thanks for the purchase John, will go out first thing monday morning for you.
Hope you are happy with it and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me on 07836 686292.

Kind Regards
Good work Johnsie, I've added a link to Ade Facebook page as well as my own, hope you sell em all.

ebay listing doesnt post to singapore, anyway around this buddy?

ebay listing doesnt post to singapore, anyway around this buddy?
i have just adjusted the listing, so you should be able to order and get it shipped to your location now. For some reason your location was randomly excluded, but i have now included it. Give it another go and let me know if it works. Hopefully all should be good now.

just ordered one! on its way to Canada :)
Hi Moroun

All packed and ready to go out either this afternoon, if i get time, or in the morning at the latest. Hope you like it.

Hey Johnsie, arrived today and that is a excellent bit of kit you've made. Pictures don't do it justice, thanks a lot :D
Hey Johnsie, arrived today and that is a excellent bit of kit you've made. Pictures don't do it justice, thanks a lot :D
Hi Jogort

Glad you like it, i tried to make it as heavy duty as possible without horrible looking brackets everywhere. Happy travels on the bike.
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