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Hi All,

I've got a 2015 Dragster 800. (non RR)

The base model (mine) makes 125hp (92kw) and the 800rr has 140hp (103kw).

As per the thread title, I'm seeking to make modifications to improve performance before I get the bike dyno tuned sometime in the future.

I did a bit of research and from what I could find the 800rr has 2 injectors per cylinder as opposed to 1 for the non rr model.

The 800rr has a 50mm throttle bodies as opposed to 47mm on mine.

From the information I could find, other than the engine tune, are those enhancements the only two differences between the models?

A few more questions:

1. Will a 50mm throttle body from the 800rr be a direct swap for the 47mm on mine?

2. Can the stock injector flow on the base model be increased without the injector duty cycle reaching 100%? If possible I would prefer not to replace the injectors.

My current mods are a zero exhaust (from cat back) and a Sprint hi-flow air filter.

3. Is 140+ rear wheel hp achievable with the above mods?

Thank for reading this. Any information / recommendations are welcome.

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