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Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2023 is in the books

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If you aren’t aware of the event, it is a worldwide charity event to raise money and awareness for men’s mental health and prostate health. You dress up and ride. We are talking suits and ties. I believe just Phoenix AZ alone raised 263k???

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Snobby AF, last time I tried to join them my bike wasn't allowed.
I agree but the PHX organizers were a bit more accepting. It is after all for a cause.
Had to leave the F3 at home for this one (snobby? maybe, but standards must be maintained :) )

So (me on) the Guzzi and (my partner Marissa on) the SRV got a run.

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The picture doesn't do justice to the 461 bikes that attended!

... and her is the dapper couple ...

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Standards? So I must own an old bike or a cafe racer type bike to support a cause that is important to me? That’s horseshit. Glad the Phoenix chapter is less snobby than that. Raising funds and awareness is far more important than what bike you choose to ride to the event.
A clip of the actual ride. Slow pace through downtown areas of Scottsdale and Tempe Arizona.

Same, much prefer to support charities that allow me to attend, what a joke.
They are clearly pretentious pricks who care more about their image and exclusivity than raising funds/awareness for the cause. A joke indeed.
Keep in mind it had/has an affinity with the millennial beardo ultra conservative movement, waxed tips and all. The need to exhibit some sort of perceived ‘dapper’ manliness, position of power, of dominance, no matter the gender, masks their insecurities regarding prostate health and masculinity. Ironic intent, sadly it’s other. And I’ll leave it at that, butt that guy riding around Australia in a converted historic RV selling coffee reeks of sincerity.

tudors and clueless beardos
You know, im a conservative and I know another conservative when I see one, none of the waxed tips were even remotely conservative. No self respecting righty orders a soy latte or vegan milk latte and that all I heard being ordered at the coffee shop we met at. These are the same douchebags that dress up as a lumberjack yet couldn’t swing an axe to save their life.
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Go on, make friends with one.
That’s a hard pass kimosabe.
Reminds me of what I like about group rides. Not a F ing thing.
Oh I couldn’t agree more!! But this was for charity and raising awareness for men’s health.
I wanted to join the ride in my home town, looked it up on Facebook and noticed there was some discussion on what bikes were 'permitted' on the ride and which were not - people were referred to the DGR Australia website to check their bikes' eligibility. Performance naked and sports bikes were an emphatic NO. So I decided they can get stuffed. I would have thought the more people you can get involved and contributing the better, but apparently it's the preserve of "millennial beardos" (as EBBO calls them) on old or thoughtlessly chopped up hack-job bikes.

Ironically, the salesman from the MV dealership who sold me my Brutale is the chief organizer of the DGR here in Perth.
I agree!!! They are being fools! If this is truly a charity ride to raise awareness and money, why not open it up to everyone that wishes to join? Only make the dress code mandatory! Luckily the Phoenix chapter wasn’t too keen on enforcing those rules. There were 2 MV’s (My Ring and a F3) a bunch of ducatis and even a bunch of Harley’s.
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Hey cmon, that's a complete front end swap right there I'll have you know! Suzuki K4 forks and calipers! :D I thought I was in for sure! :cry:
Ya but did you have a a waxed mustache and were you holding a vegan milk latte???
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