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Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2023 is in the books

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If you aren’t aware of the event, it is a worldwide charity event to raise money and awareness for men’s mental health and prostate health. You dress up and ride. We are talking suits and ties. I believe just Phoenix AZ alone raised 263k???

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I wanted to join the ride in my home town, looked it up on Facebook and noticed there was some discussion on what bikes were 'permitted' on the ride and which were not - people were referred to the DGR Australia website to check their bikes' eligibility. Performance naked and sports bikes were an emphatic NO. So I decided they can get stuffed. I would have thought the more people you can get involved and contributing the better, but apparently it's the preserve of "millennial beardos" (as EBBO calls them) on old or thoughtlessly chopped up hack-job bikes.

Ironically, the salesman from the MV dealership who sold me my Brutale is the chief organizer of the DGR here in Perth.
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It was my raptor that was refused here, which I oddly thought was kinda the right fit. I feel more like they checked my beardless mug on bookface. :unsure:

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Ultra cool bike and they sound fantastic. Would grow a moustache and wax it plus drink 3 vegan soy lattes if it meant getting my hands on one of these!
It was a great bike and the staintunes sounded unreal, they do come up now and again.

Cagiva Motorcycles for Sale in Australia -
I'm going to save that search and keep my eyes open.
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