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hi all,

currently own a '15 dragster RR, i have a dodgy wire in the loom that runs from ignition barrel etc down into the starter and sensors and what not. the loom itself runs from handlebars, down left side of head tube and in from there. it is here i have the issue presumably from parking with steering lock to the left, it has worn or damaged a wire in there eventually. this has resulted in the bike not starting (not turning over at all) sometimes, similar to how it would not start if you have the stand down (in gear) or you dont pull clutch in. after a bit of a wiggle of the wire or even just turning the bars back and forward a bit it will fire up.
with some trial and error it does not seem to be the stand sensor, so i would assume its the clutch position sensor?

i guess the first fix im asking for is, is there a way to disengage the clutch sensor or need of, as its something that has always kinda irked me about the starting procedure anyways.

failing that what would you suggest, im no Muppet on the tools but unless there is an easy fix i think i would be taking it to a shop (expensive i know....) i dont really want to go stripping the tank off again and fishing through trying to get that loom out. it was enough of a pain getting in there to put a lion bat in.

thanks in advance

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