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I just replied to a 4yr old incomplete thread with this info, but wanted to create a new thread for quick reference for anyone who comes across a dead dash problem. If you have a dead dash, check this before you decide to replace your dash or SPU...

Green low beam indicator OK. LCD, tachometer, neutral indicator, high beam indicator, battery indicator, oil indicator all dead. The problem is related to the Speed Sensor fuse/circuit. If the Speed Sensor fuse is burned, check the speed sensor wire. The speed sensor is mounted in the sprocket cover. So, the wire for it is very close to the chain and sprocket. You may have to remove the sprocket cover to inspect. The wire is simply tucked into a gap very close to the chain, not really secured. If it comes out of the gap, it can find its way towards the chain and rub through, shorting the speed sensor wire and blowing the fuse.

Now, if the LCD and tach are dead, but the neutral indicator works fine, check the Dash/Clock fuse.

So, in both cases bike will run fine, dash backlight ok and green low beam indicator ok, LCD dead and tach dead. When Dash/Clock fuse/circuit is bad, the indicators for neutral, battery and oil will still work. When the Speed Sensor fuse/circuit is faulty, indicators for neutral, battery and oil will be dead.

I discovered this after replacing my shifter return spring. The wire was oily and wiggled its way out of the gap it's supposed to sit in. The chain rubbed through the wire insulator, shorted and burned the Speed Sensor fuse.
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