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Had an opportunity to repair a 1090R Brutale with intermittent electrical faults. The well known poor connection - melted wires - damaged connector at the starter relay was the culprit.

Just wanted to share where you can get the original equipment parts to fix this.

Their part number is YC250 (Yazaki 250 connector).... Order just the female connector. Cost is US$2.55

Don't forget to clean up the male spades on the relay. I used a little 60 grit plumbers cloth.

Comes with 4 terminals to crimp to your wires. I would order extra terminals.
YFST 1418L for small wires, YFST 1214L for larger wires (that would be the red wires in the connector... They're $0.22 to 0.32 cents each.

Of course, there is a minimum order of $5.00, so look around for more stuff you can't live tools and heat shrink, etc. Shipping extra.
I have no affiliation with Joe, but some of you may need stuff he has and he provides really good service.
Photos of what I'm talking about:


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Nice work Ed!
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