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I recently bought a Dainese Laguna Seca Evo Estiva 2 Piece Leather Suit.
The shop website(Bike Stop)says it's was made from D-leather(D-Skin leather, the fruit of long testing and collaboration with foreign laboratories, offers excellent results in terms of protection, comfort, and fit. The characteristics of new D-Skin leather also guarantee a significant increase in mechanical performance compared to traditional cowhide and reach values of over 60% in tensile strength and 80% tear resistance. Particular wax and silicone treatment gives exceptional softness).

Dainese's site says the new suit uses cowhide(there is a distinction between the 2 on their site). At the time I forgot to do my usual cross referencing, as I may of spotted this. I have already had the leathers altered before I realised the product is not what the shop states it is.
Several other websites are also incorrect in this matter.

It looks like to keep the price the same as the older model they have replaced the Titanium shoulders with Aluminium(I knew this bit already), and replaced the use of D-leather with just an ordinary tanned cowhide. They call this Tutu leather, anyone know what this is(cows bum perhaps?) I can't find anything on the net. I am presuming it will be top grain leather, which is ok, but not the best which is full grain leather. If you were using full grain surely you would say so, instead of calling it soft Tutu leather, which is so far proving to be unidentifiable to me.

It would be nice to think that a newer model is better than the old, but in terms of materials used it's not.

What would you chaps prefer when buying, the same quality as before but you have to pay more, or the same price as your old suit, but the materials used are inferior? The old suit was £810, same as the new, to get a D-leather suits it's £870(which is what I thought my new suit was made of, just like my older model was).

I know I'm nit picking, but still it's irritating when you spend ages looking and choosing, and the shop provided the wrong info and Dainese did a bit of a sneaky one.
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