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Overall the race weekend was encouraging, even though my final results were less than hoped for. I finished 18th - just one place up from last time, BUT I had a pace that would easily have put me top ten.
I have a major issue with the ECU. I simply had no speed or drive down the straights, and would be dropped by 6-7 bike lengths on even the shortest straights. This meant I had to carry a lot of corner speed (much more than I would have liked) at all times to even have any hope of being competitive. I had a great qualifying time that put me 11th on the grid just 2 seconds behind pole. (My end of season goal was a top 10 finish, so qualifying 11th the second race weekend is already a major step in the right direction). I am loosing much more than 2 seconds a lap because of the power problems.
My ‪#‎designcorse‬ ‪#‎MVAgusta‬ bike handling is of course is fantastic, particularly with the suspension upgrades I've made. Power delivery is very smooth and the quickshift now has no delay at all upshifting. Unfortunately I was having to shift (or redlined) in some strange places, all of which cost time. Building a race bike takes time, and this is just the beginning.
I did not have a great start Race 1, and almost looped the bike off the line, loosing 6 places by turn 1. However by lap three I was back up to 11th. I had to overcook it into every corner and just trust and hope the tires would hold. They did, but both ends were sliding and slipping around throughout each corner, and it was a case of barely keeping it together every turn. But I was able to slowly pick off riders and even with the ECU problems had the second fastest lap time of the race on lap 2. Unfortunately, trying to make a pass into 10th I lost the front end, and ran off the track trying to keep the bike from tucking. I ended up in last by the time I was back on. I managed to fight my way back up to 18th again, but that was the best I could get.
Race 2 (Formula class - racing against bikes with no limitations to engine or suspension modifications) I qualified in 14th. I had a good start, making up one place into turn 1 and managed to climb up into 10th place before I over cooked it on the second last lap into a corner and again ran off track, this time at a corner that's very hard to get back onto the circuit. I was in last place by almost 1/4 of the circuit when I rejoined, But I managed to catch and pass one person by the checkered flag, having caught the back of the pack.
I do get the "big air" award however for launching off a curb onto the front straight getting both wheels 8" or so off the ground (trying to get the maximum slingshot out of the last corner)!
I know now I have the pace to finish easily in the top 10, and possibly podium before the end of the season, once we get the bike issues sorted out. It was frustrating being even slower on the straights this time than last time, especially with such a good qualifying time.
It's a process, getting a bike up to scratch, and this is just our second race weekend, so I'm confident that once we get the bugs worked out the F3 will be very competitive. Handling wise it has to be the best bike on the grid, so it's just a case of working through the niggling problems.
Once more, competitors from all over the paddock came over to admire the bike. It truly is one of the best looking bikes on the grid!

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