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hi guys. its my turn with the radiator thing!

i had a double-whammy couple of days ago. engine oil leak at the seal; and, the top radiator ruptured in 2-3 locations. we had a heat wave recently (another one coming in a couple of days); it may have contributed to the radiator failure.

my local MV dealer is beyond useless. they don't have anyone trained on MVs! so, dropped it off at the local Ducati dealership; they have a tech who is experienced with F4s. the bike is '07 with about 8,300 miles. until the failure, it has been reliable. i have done the usual mods to run it cooler.

after extensive research on the forum, got the information on Myler's Radiator in Utah. the defective radiator has been shipped out to them. the Ducati tech mentioned that he could get some custom mounting brackets done. hopefully, it would mitigate some of the stress on the radiator. if you have any suggestion on this, please feel free to suggest.

here is a question: has anyone done a custom radiator? if the stock unit is not able to handle the pressure on a super hot day, then could a beefed up after-market radiator help? eric at Myler's said he would take a look at the stock unit to make an estimate. is it worth doing? i am planning on keeping this bike for good!

thanks a lot.


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