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Just letting everyone know about a very positive experience replacing the dead EAS2.0 Quickshifter on my 2016 F3, with a Cordona quickshifter (this one).

The Cordona was literally half the price of the OEM MV Quickshifter, is a superior strain-gauge technology (no moving parts), and is plug-n-play. Literally unscrew and unplug the OEM unit, screw and plug this one in.

It is (apparently) one of the reputable quickshifter brands/units used in Moto GP and WSBK. Regardless, I can confirm that the shifts are smoother than OEM, even at slow speeds and low engine RPM.

Thanks to other members in this forum for putting me onto this unit. Its very hard to argue with a superior product, at half the price, that you can install yourself. Highly recommended. If you are in Australia, call Kevin at Quicklap Performance (

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