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considering a MV for a track bike

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i am considering MV for my next track bike. My old Aprilia RSV is quite old now. I would definitely buy a used bike because of the budget. First i was considering a Ducati or RSV4 but i was surprised how the MV F4 are cheap so it came to my attention.
1. Is it a bad idea to buy a bike with 15000-25000 km and use it as a track bike? i mean if it is so cheap is there some expensive service needed for MV to keep it in a good shape for track?
2. are there any must have mods despite the fairings.
any other hints would be helpfull

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Donsy would be the best one to talk to on this. He races them down under.
The MV engine is quite robust and easy to work on. Much easier than a Ducati or even a Honda. The real problem is finding someone who knows how to tune the EFI and getting a reliable parts supplier. Because of the limited production and small sales numbers, many dealers do not give much attention to the MV owner's needs.
Put some good race plastic on it and spend some money on improved EFI tuning (like a MicroTech)..... The chassis is excellent and the suspension and brakes can be made very good indeed.
Welcome to the forum/family, by the way.
I know nuthin.
But.... welcome to the forum mate.
In my opinion, either a EVO3 750 or a 312R 1000 or later, right into the new bikes.
If you're going to race it, at least a 1000, and 20K plus is getting a bit long in the tooth, but for track days only, and it's well looked after, it'll be okay.
Microtec is a must, believe me, and the ability to work on it yourself, and listen to advice from some of the guys on the forum.
Parts are now quite easy to get to.
I race a 2010 F4. Is this to be a trackday toy or racer?
it is to be a trackday toy not real racing so i would not need efi tuning i guess. at least not for the first season. the usual parts should not be a problem as i travel to italy 3-4 times a year and have some contacts there already. aftermarket parts are same for all bikes so that should not be an issue as well.

maybe i will look for some already used as track bike one with all the mods etc. was just curious about the surpsingly low prices for the used bikes in comparison with ducati or aprilia.

is there any special service needed on MV or are there any known issues when used as track bike or are there any parts which tend to break after certain number of km used?
what ecus are used in MV? Magnetti Marelli or something else?

thanks for the info&welcome
Hi and welcome :)

IMHO, I would would try to get an honest used 'R' model F4.

Changing the standard slippery foot pegs are a must. Anything over 20k km's, for piece of mind, I would have a hard look at replacing the cam chain tensioner and rear hub. Realistically, it would be a challenge (depending on current experience and pace) to out ride the standard brakes and suspension, properly set up for a fun only track day bike.

Depending on how sensitive to feedback you are, the stock ECU will be ok for starting out. Don't expect Jap throttle control. But honestly, when I fitted the Microtec ECU, the "ride-ability" of the bike improved out of sight.

Don't relate low price of purchase price to anything out of the ordinary with motorcycle ownership. Show me a perfect bike........ from any brand/manufacturer?

Nothing wrong with getting a properly maintained track bike either. Turn key, go :f4:

You've found this place, so ownership will already be easier :)

Good luck in your search.
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