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MV clutch slaves are known for leaking....

My 750 NEVER leaked, still have the clutch slave from that.
My 910R leaks, I have to top up the reservoir every 2000km or so. One day I'll get round to installing the Oberon I have on it.

My 1090 is now on it's third slave, original leaked, replaced at 24000km. At the 30000km service the replacement was leaking too so I just replaced that with a STM unit.

BUT did you know the early slaves have a different thread on the banjo bolt to the later ones ? Neither did I until I tried to put the STM slave on and the bolt didn't fit!! Luckily I had the bolt of the 750 slave which fits the STM unit fine.

So if you want to swap early and late slaves you need to have the correct banjo bolt to go with the slave.

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do the threads match an MV spark plug???

they ARE M10x1.0

the International convention for metric threads was always DIN

MVs have a bunch of bastard bolts

the banjo bolts are M10x1.25 a JIC (Japanese size)

(European DIN hydraulic threads are M10x1.0 just like the MV oil

pressure sending unit)

the caliper bolts are M10x1.25

the pinch bolts and engine mounting bolts are M12x1.25 WTF ?????

(a spark plug thread)

Brutale cylinder head engine mounting bolts are tapped M7x1.0


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for years I worked in the engineering dept. of an aerospace fastener

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