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Hello everyone-

Glad to see many people enjoying the site as it is so far. Over the last 2 days some bugs have been brought to my attention and fixed.

Some additions-

When adding to the registry, for the odometer section, you may now enter the # and choose KM or MILES. That was a mistake on my part :)

For those wishing to add pictures to the gallery, I would like to note that you can upload large pictures - there is no problem with that at all!

The registry is looking great. If you have noticed, I am often around and am watching the site closely. I am notified when there is a pending registry submission, etc, so if you have not noticed your registry submission IS approved manually by me.

I do have plans to add features along with setting up the portal system to include dealer inventory and a classifieds section for members to post for free. I also plan on working on the registry to somehow do a location read out so you can find out which MV's are in what country. Maybe in the future something visual on a map, but that is for later :)
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