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Have a :laughing: Be sure to read the 50 odd questions to the seller.

Q: Hi would you consider selling the dogs separately? Ive been having some gearbox problems.
A: rather not split em..there was an identical set on e buy last week made fortunes ... dog sez wear smaller boots to save ya gearbag

Q: Can these revs be adapted to a 4.0 litre kerosene engine? It currently idles at 1500 and red lines at 1800, this might be the ideal upgrade for my hovercraft.
A: I'll send ya some freebie ones to try out

Q: Can you send them to Nigeria and I will send you a Pay Pal payment once I recive the DHL Tracking number. (Honest).
A: yes no worries..send me a chq for too much if you like and i'll send a bigger chq back too

Q: Dear sir, are these British RPMs, or American Standard? I don't mind if they are British standard, I just need to know, so I can do my mat and make the mental conversion.
A: Uk listing so British standard parts

Q: Will they work on my snowmobile? And will I be able to pull wheelies........err, trackies?
A: yes see no problem there /

Q: I've found that I can attach a nano magnet right close to the tach and now my R6 revs to 20,000 RPM. Please search eBay auctions for my NANO MAGNET auction.
A: same effect is acheived by driving past Buncefield

Q: Would these RPMs also work on a CBX? The intake side of the head is a real POS, and needs all the help it can get.
A: sorry the cbx is too manly for these mid ranged sized revs

Q: I am with Scottland Yard. We suspect these RPM's may have originally been acquired via industrial espionage, specifically by BMW for copying and integration into their K1200-series bikes, from an unwatched Yamaha test bike. Are you willing to work with Inspector Raymond Fowler on this matter in person?
A: already in daily contact with ken german of the yard..

Q: Are these compatible with the R6 streetbike, or only a racebike? I've heard of bad things happening when these kind of revs are exposed to the OEM blinker fluid and using a stock exhaust with the production muffler bearings.
A: for use on street bike or race bike..but not one with bald tyres

Q: I have a 1899 15cc suzukawakimire will your item help me any?
A: Hi sorry you'll need the missing revs from a 1899 25cc frobisher empire warrior

Q: Hi. You might want to give those revs to the Yammie racing team, they need them, as they are about to get their @sses handed to them in Formula Extreme by the XBRR.
A: They have been in touch

Q: my name's colin. i was wondering if these are production 1,500 rpm's or are they prototype rpm's? if they are prototype rpm's, i'd like to offer a few beef jerkys in addition to the same price the highest bidder. i want to use them on my yamaha m1 so i can try to get within 45 seconds behind my pesky italian teammate. he's quite quick and i've still not completely changed my racing style over to a high-corner speed (foggy inspired) style. i've heard foggy say that he would easily beat my italian teammate so i'm trying to emulate him. 1,500 extra rpm's would help too.
A: are you sure foggy said it ? surely he would said fcuking beat him ?? and i didnt fill the swimming pool in

Q: Please sir, let me bid on your item, I've been saving all year long and have the whole .99 in my hand right now!
A: they are cheap at half the price yeah

Q: Does it come with a blue powerband? I'd like it to match my bike.
A: powerbands are available in all colours

Q: will these Rev's make my blue R6 as fast as a yellow one or for that matter a red one as fast as a blue one?
A: the easiest way is to fit colour coded tyres?

Q: Do you have a sound proof box to ship it in? Other wise the Post Master will probably think it is a terrorist bomb and alert President Bush to your location!
A: I have a triumph 675 backpack for international deliveries and some converted shoes

Q: Just a message to whomever may be looking to use these extra RPM's on a different application. I tried them on my push mower hoping to get a smoother cut but instead turned my mower into a hover craft.
A: yes pls read description...

Q: Would you have 15 sets to sell?? I'd like to donate them to the Biaggi Fund for this season. Might you also know where I could find him a bike to ride??
A: I here halfords have plenty of bikes in i think theres one on most retail handy for biaggi with him working in pizza hut

Q: the old r-1 mirrors are compatible with a ninja 250... do you think can i use these revs on my ex model ninja? the quarter litre can use all the help it can get. if not, how about my 50cc honda scooter?
A: you'll be needing some nagasaki revs ..these be wasted on a kwacker

Q: In anotherreply you described these revs as -WHOOOARRRRR WHOOARRRRRR WHOOAARRRRRR- how can i be sure they are not cheap imitation Nissan RPM from Sunderland?? If I leave my wife,my kids and my foreskin as security can I take the revs out for a test ride?
A: Hi ive heard of these cheapie ones from up these are genuine mitsui parts

Q: I know a great deal about motorcycles and motorcycle performance. That's why I'm always in the market for anything that will make my Harley Davidson louder. Will these RPMs make my Harley perform better (i.e. really loud)? Do these RPMs come with any sort of logo clothing I could wear?
A: they come with a spotty dressing gown for wearing when you get to where you are going before you have left..woof

Q: I'm a Harley riding poseur. Are these ricer RPMs, or can they be used on products from the motor company? Also, I only really care about bladdah, bladdah. Will these RPMS interfere with bladdah, bladdah?
A: they are designed for working with the potato, potato sound harleys produce...

Q: Hey, my motorcycle's not running, but revs are great! Can you think of somewhere else I could put them? Jonly Bonly
A: such a leading question...perhaps stick em somewhere the sun don't shine ?

Q: My old lady complains about my lack of performance in the bedroom. Is there any way for me to eat or inject these RPM's into my loins in order to make me a real love machine?
A: Thats what she told me too,you can try injected them but i wouldnt advise it

Q: You answered a previous ebayer saying these revs would not work on his Kwaka but then you say to another they will work on any bike! Are you sure these are not cheap imitation RPM?
A: these are the real deal

Q: Will they make the bike look as sexy as the 675 or will it still be a boring peice of rubbish?
A: the only 675 i know is a half finished looking thing painted with old paint they found a britsih leyland

Q: Are these top or bottom end revs? Do I need to set my tacho to less than zero to compensate?
A: can be used wherever..might need to rest ya watch coz ya be arriving before ya left

Q: I've got a '99 model R6, can I use these to increase it too???
A: sorry not compatable

Q: I'm really fast rider and not afraid of wheelies or stoppies either. I kick some butt. Do you think this rpm will help me go faster or should I stick with the neon underlights and the flush mouth turn signals? Thanks speedegonzales
A: have you got flashing dust caps ? paint ya wheels day glo yellow that helps

Q: Go F#(K yourself you triumph riding piece of S#!T. we'll see if triumph can even place third in a race this year. GO YAMAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: yes the triumph will be all hype and no go...the dogs have had a sniff round for the 675 missing cylinder

Q: my honda vfr is missing at least 40 Hp. do you think the canines would be able to find them? hopefully for less than $30?
A: I've had a word with the dogs they said try the inside pocket on ya waterproofs you left em there last year

Q: do all the necesary brackets come with the revs or do i have to use sticky back plastic ,gaffer tape and cable ties and roughly how many extra horses would the revs produces and would they be shire,donkey,ass,arabien or those portuguese dancing horses russ
A: hi they were measured on skeggy beach so the best pit ponies..yes sticky back plastic is included

A: sorry no paypal...yes ya can have the bag no worries

Q: Hi, can these be installed backwards, therefore losing 1500 rpms? Frankly my Gixxer is too fast and could use a cut up top. thanks
A: Hi sounds like you need a triumph 675 ?

Q: are you willing to part out the 1500 rpm? i'm only interested in 750rpm because i have already purchased a 750 from another place. how many 1500rpms do you have in stock? i may have a few freinds that may be looking to purchase as well.
A: Hi sorry not interested in splitting , why dont you buy the whole 1,500rpm and sell rest on ??

Q: I understand your dogs found these revs by smell, is that correct? Can you describe the odor? I'd hate to bid on this item and later discover that these revs stink to high heaven!
A: I've asked the dogs , they said they smell like a cross between fox shite and a KFC corn on the cob.hope this helps

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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I wonder what the go is with the 675 - I think they would be a GoodThing™ for a track day bike come '07. :cool:

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And I thought Alvin was the only one who didn't sleep on this forum! :laughing:

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Mate, that was excellent reading, havn't finished laughing yet :laughing: :laughing:
...and the scary thing is.....did Yamaha think that no one, not ever, would put this bike on a dyno and discover the missing rpm????? :laughing: :laughing:

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yeah, yamaha got burned on this one. they really screwed up when all their marketing literature had that 17,500 rpm stuff all over it.

but, the truth be known, the 06 R6 is not the only one missing some rpms. my 03 is also off. sport rider magazine disclosed a while back that the tachometer on the 03-05 r6's were VERY generous. their dyno tests showed the motor was 200rpm below what the tach showed.

so, it's not the first time. but boy did they get burned on the 06.
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